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“The Shadow of Myself” is a 92-page graphic novel, using mixed techniques to tell the story of the cartoonist Kolbeinn vacationing with his 10-year old son in the Canary Islands. Father and son travel around the island, meditating on various things of importance, such as the possibility of life without thoughts; the origins and the disappearance of the islands aboriginal inhabitants; the impact of love on space travel and temperature in the water slides of Aqualand.

While discussing these and other issues Kolbeinn reveals the underlying tension that has all but torn his life apart: after a decade and a half of creating comics he can barely stitch together words and images. Shade, the main character of his ongoing series of books seems to have infiltrated the life of Kolbeinn with disastrous consequences. Writer’s and artist’s block. Divorce. Even murder. Is it possible to return after losing oneself in the worlds of pictures and words?

The book is published by (gisp!) and currently available in bookstores in Reykjavík and can also be ordered directly from the author.


(gisp!) 2013


Graphic novel